Covid-19 restrictions loosened

June 12, 2020

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June 14, 2020 marks the day we will begin again to meet at our physical church address as well as on line.  We are doing both so that those who are not comfortable with meeting in a group setting will still be able to participate in our lessons and socialization in written form.  

For those who do choose to come to the physical gathering on Sundays, please notice a number of changes in procedures, at least for a while.  These are guidelines for meeting together physically:1.  We will wear masks for each other’s safety.

We will distance ourselves appropriately from each other. 

We will have music but we will not sing.

We will greet each other without touching ... practicing our Spiritual Powers.

We will not form circles but from our seats we will join together in greeting each other with love.  There will be no food after service, but we will serve ourselves with coffee, tea and cold drinks.

Please, refrain from bringing food to share, that will be for a later time.


We are being asked to demonstrate that we are Spirits having a physical experience.  Our realization of Spiritual Power is upon us. We are the Christ of God.  Let us express our Christliness.